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What was the Warren Commission?

A synopsis of our government – the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

The Warren Commission was created by Lyndon B. Johnson to investigate the death of JFK. And is thought by many to be a cover-up. Part of the conspiracy that further established Oswald as the lone gunman. 

Well – there is that possibility. Perhaps a stronger argument is that many of those that were part of the Commission were above reproach. That doesn’t mean that their report was correct, or that it was the truth. Or that it proves that JFK’s assassination was not part of a conspiracy. It merely shows that those pulling the strings are smart enough to keep their agenda on a need to know basis and have the ability to control even those honest men (I admit – there are those out there).  But we already knew all of this.

Let’s look at what went into its findings – or rather – what didn’t:

  • The CIA destroyed or kept from investigators critical secrets.
  • Many witness testimonies were heard by less than half of the committee.

It’s important that witnesses are heard by all, certainly. But more so – it’s crucial that one area of our government does not keep secrets from other areas. Especially when investigating the death of a president. So while I don’t disagree that the Warren Commission acted in good faith – who was really the agency calling the shots? Why was the CIA allowed to withhold information? And who ultimately decided the outcome of the report?


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