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The Ivy League Acid Test

So how far did the MK-ULTRA experiments go? And what is the connection to The Daylight Test?

It wasn’t until the 1970s during the famous Church Committee hearings that Americans understood how highly illegal and reckless this program was.

And how far the rabbit hole went…

MK-ULTRA was launched in 1953. As part of the program, a CIA front group called The Society for Human Ecology was created.

With a $25 million budget, The Society researched the effect of psychedelic drugs at Harvard University and at several colleges in the Bay Area, including Stanford and UC Berkeley.

A year later, Timothy Leary is director of clinical research and psychology at the Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Oakland. He devises a personality test, “The Leary,” which is used by CIA to test prospective employees.

He also become close friends with Frank Barron, who goes on to found the Harvard Pyschedelic Drug Research Center. Leary follows Barron to Harvard and begins taking acid regularly.

Leary studies the effects of psychedelics on others, including a young Harvard student named Theodore Kaczynski, aka The Unabomber.

Later Leary admits that “some powerful people in Washington have sponsored all this drug research.”

Under the influence of heavy acid taking, Leary theorizes how the drug could be used in two ways: to brainwash very influential people, or uncork their consciousness, i.e., open the doors of perception (which because of Jim Morrisson everyone attributes to Aldous Huxley and not the true source, William Blake).

In 1962, Mary Meyer, an old girlfriend of JFK’s, visits Leary at Harvard…

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Prophet, pariah, or spy?

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